Entertainers and the venues in which they perform all face a host of legal issues that must be properly handled in advance of performances to ensure personal and financial success. Because entertainment contracts can be complicated, an error could negatively impact your business and legal rights. You should always seek the assistance of an experienced entertainment lawyer who understands how to best handle the legal issues you are seeking to negotiate. .


Handling A Wide Variety Of Matters For Musicians, Artists And Venues

The music and entertainment industry relies on contracts and intellectual property protections in order to ensure that obligations are met and that songs or other works are not wrongfully used or misappropriated. The following are examples of matters handled by the team at the Law Offices of Howard C. Berkson.


  • Copyrights for songs or written work;
  • Trademarks for artists;
  • Licensing and royalty agreements;
  • Negotiating and drafting record label or band agreements;
  • Licensing for venues from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP);
  • Negotiating the terms of a particular live performance with a venue or talent agency;


Whether you are a live music venue providing the talent, or an emerging artist or seasoned performer, protecting your legal rights is imperative to your financial success. Contracts must be properly negotiated and written to ensure your agreements are enforceable.


Chicago Law Firm Representing Restaurants

As the creator and owner of an internationally acclaimed, 325 seat fine-dining restaurant and live music venue, Howard Berkson has extensive experience in the restaurant business. There are a variety of legal issues that restaurant clients face including financing of real and personal property, buying of product, purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment, management and employment contracts, alcohol and beverage licensing laws, ownership formation agreements, POS systems, inventory accounting, and much more. Being a veteran of the restaurant industry, Howard Berkson can help you navigate through complex business and legal matters.



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Whether you are a restaurant owner, a musician or run a music venue, chances are you will face a host of legal challenges that you will need help navigating. It is important to have the representation of a restaurant, music and entertainment lawyer from the Law Offices of Howard C. Berkson who understands how to best handle any disputes or contracts. If you are in the entertainment industry and need assistance with any type of legal matter, please contact us today by calling 312-800-3979 for assistance.