Why Do Restaurant Owners Need a Lawyer?

If you currently own a restaurant or are considering opening a new spot for dining in the Chicago area, it is extremely important to hire an experienced attorney. Why do restaurant owners need to have an attorney? The answer to the question might not seem obvious at first, but once you consider the numerous issues that a restaurant owner can face—from business and real estate law concerns to employee liability issues—it becomes clear that all small business owners need to have a legal advocate on their side. To better appreciate the legal i... Read more

Property Tax Appeals

How are property owners supposed to contend with the recent hike in property taxes in Chicago? According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, Illinois residents now pay “the second-highest property taxes in the nation.” To be sure, only residents of New Jersey pay more than Illinoisans do. While the proposal to raise property taxes back in September likely did not come as a surprise to many Chicago property owners, the increased cost may be more than most of us want to pay. If you are a Chicago property owner who has been impacted by the... Read more

Howard Berkson’s Law Blog

Please tune in for future blog posts on legal matters related to Real Estate, Business and Restaurant, Music & Entertainment! ... Read more

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