Contract Disputes in Entertainment Law

The music and entertainment industry provides countless genres of enjoyment for all types of audiences. From painters to rock bands, artists use their talents to not only entertain, but make a living. This means that they must take efforts to ensure that the business side of their craft is handled in the proper manner. At the center of entertainment law is the contract. Artists are constantly using agreements to establish the parameters of their actions and verify the amount of payment. An entertainment law attorney is vital to the transaction ... Read more

Understanding the Restaurant Tip Credit

When was the last time you left a tip for a secretary or dental clerk? There are various differences between the manner in which a restaurant is run and the way that most other industries conduct business. For many restaurant employees, tips comprise a major part of their income. As tipped workers, they fall under specific statutes that must be followed to ensure compliance with federal and state law. When an employee believes that these laws are being violated, they may file a lawsuit against the employer, which can prove extremely costly. For... Read more

Statutory Changes for Condo Associations

Condo associations in the Chicago area may have to change their methods of operation when modifications to the Illinois Condominium Property Act go into effect on June 1, 2016. The amended regulations specifically deal with open meetings and circumstances under which these organizations can close their meetings to association members. According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, current law leaves substantial ambiguity about when leadership can meet behind closed doors. The new law erased this ambiguity and lays out specific guidelines that co... Read more

How to Appeal your Chicago Property Taxes

Attempts to increase the city’s finances have resulted in some very unwelcome property tax liability for Chicago property owners. In a city that is reportedly facing a billion dollar deficit, the mayor asked for significant tax increases that are largely affecting up-and-coming communities. According to a report in Chicago Business, the neighborhoods with the largest tax increase reportedly include: Areas between the CTA’s North and Clybourn Red Line Stop and the Chicago Avenue Brown Line Stop; East Village; Parts of Streeterville and Riv... Read more

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