Alcohol-Fueled Crash Raises Liability Questions

Even though the incident was a single-car crash, a fatal wreck in Chicago may give nearby bars and restaurants cause for alarm. According to police, 66-year-old Thomas Blecka veered off the roadway near the intersection of Shenstone Road and Harlem in Riverside, whereupon he crashed into a tree. First responders had to use the Jaws of Life to free him from a 1993 Buick before transporting him to a local hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead. Multiple law enforcement agencies are looking into the crash, but local police did confirm... Read more

Stairway To Somewhere

Members of the rock band Led Zeppelin asked a California judge to throw out a plagiarism lawsuit regarding one of the band’s hit songs. During testimony, Led Zeppelin songwriter and guitarist Jimmy Page vigorously denied allegations that the 1971 classic Stairway to Heaven was based on Taurus, an instrumental-only song on a 1968 album from Spirit. “I did not hear Taurus until 2014,” he insisted. Lawyers for the band also advanced several legal arguments. First, they contend that Randy Craig Wolfe – Spirit’s guitarist – signed a 1967... Read more

Got A Gripe With Your Homeowner’s Association?

A homeowner’s association can add a considerable amount of value to the purchase of your property. From regular maintenance of the grounds to costly repairs, your association can prove extremely helpful in a variety of situations. However, finding yourself at odds with your homeowner’s association can lead to an entirely different experience. In some cases, these disputes can quickly elevate from simple disagreements to all out legal battles. Don’t go toe to toe with your homeowner’s association without the assistance of a knowledgeable... Read more

The ABCs of a Liquor License

Within the hospitality industry, a liquor license can significantly influence your level of profits and ultimate business success. According to industry experts, liquor sales often account for more than 20% of earnings for restaurants. Liquor sales also have a higher profit margin than food sales, and a restaurant without a liquor license is just not an attractive option for many potential patrons. The significant profitability of selling liquor makes it a necessary endeavor for many restaurant owners. But the process of obtaining a liquor lice... Read more

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